Mosaic Madonna - Can be recessed on a stone or wall

Mosaic depicting the image of the Madonna

Item n.: 18AS1712A
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Mosaic depicting the image of the Madonna

Made with authentic 24 Carat Gold Leaf tiles, Venetian enamel tiles and marble and natural stone tiles. Worked strictly by hand according to the rules of millennial mosaic art. Each tile is cut by hand with a special notching machine by expert mosaic artists.

Size (mm): 170 x 120 x 5

Hand Sliced Mosaic

Tiles: 24 Carat Gold Leaf, Perlino Rose, Carrara White, Verona Red, Marquinia Black, Venetian Enamels

Fixing method: Recessed on marble or wall.

Notes: Each specimen of this mosaic is a unique piece. The representation shown in the photo can be reproduced but each copy made will never be the same as another.

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