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    Real Votiva s.r.l. - Sede aziendale

    Real Votiva s.r.l. is a funerary art foundry, which produces funeral articles and accessories in bronze for the construction of tombstones, monuments and cemetery chapels.

    The company is located in Melissano, a town located at the heart of the famous Salento area in Apulia Region (Italy), and was founded in 1967 starting its activity with the lost wax casting bronze sculpture.

    Today Real Votiva offers a wide range of made in Italy own brand products for the funerary art and, thank to its own modern factory, produces not only bronze objects but also a wide range of porcelain and steel products.

    In particular, the offer of Real Votiva includes over 3000 catalog items including:

    • Letters for tombstones and monuments, used for the composition of epigraphs;
    • Flower vases and flower pots, useful to adorn with flowers the graves of deceased loved ones;
    • Frames for photographs, with the possibility to realize, on demand, also porcelain photo;
    • Electrical votive lamps and candle, for the lighting of gravestones;
    • Plates, books and parchment, with default or customized incriptions;
    • Brackets and studs, to support and fix the marble grave markers;
    • Chandeliers, candelabra, crystals, crosses, crucifixes, bronze statues, floral decorations, for the ornament of the cemetery chapels;
    • Urns, for the ashes conservation after cremation.

    Real Votiva is a company in which since its startup coexist, in perfect harmony, tradition and innovation, with a great attention to the technological innovations but always in continuity with tradition and in line with company values. Thanks to the quality of the products and the raw materials used, excellent customer service, rapid delivery of orders, the skill and experience of the employees, the use of cutting-edge techniques, tools and equipment, Real Votiva is in continuous growth.

    In 2015 it is launched the e-commerce website "Real Votiva Store” (, which in about a year surprisingly allows Real Votiva to expand its borders beyond south Italy area, beginning to offer their products in the rest of Italy and at international level.

    The website's success is also due to the convenience of buying directly from the manufacturer all that is necessary for the realization of a simple tomb, a wall grave marker, a monument or a family cemetery chapel.

    Like all e-commerce sites you can use various online payment methods (credit card via PayPal, Sofort online transfer) or offline ones (bank transfer).

    For some products, it’s possible to request customizations or services, including:

    • Execution of customized engravings on bronze parchment, plates or books;
    • Print inscription on porcelain parchments and plates;
    • Production of photo on porcelain of various sizes and shapes (oval, rectangular) included a graphics processing service on the original picture (like application of uniform or faded background, quality enrichment etc.);
    • Preparation of custom drilling guides for the application of some types of bronze characters on marble grave markers.

    In conclusion, the goal of Real Votiva has been and will always be to provide high quality products and services in compliance with European standards, characterized by the care of details, with attractive shapes and elegant design and at the same time contributing to sustainable development and economic and social growth of his territory, with particular attention to the environment.