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    Souvenir photos at home for deceased
    This article emphasizes the usefulness of keeping souvenir photos of the deceased at home. The photographs, exhibited individually or in a special commemorative area (together with any scrolls, flower vases and votive lamp) keep the memory of the deceased alive.
    Votive lights with solar panel
    The solar panel votive lights for tombstones and funeral chapels are an excellent alternative to traditional electric bulbs. They allow a moderate energy saving and allow the owners of the niches to become autonomous from the energetic point of view.
    The artistic mosaic in the funerary field
    In this article we talk about the use of artistic mosaics in the funerary field (cemetery chapels, tombstones, funerary monuments), tracing a brief excursus of the history of artistic mosaics, one of the highest expressions of art, from antiquity to these days. Artistic mosaics can be used to decorate floors, walls, altars, tombstones in cemetery chapels, tombstones, funeral monuments.
    How to save money on funeral homes services
    This article summarizes the services offered by funeral homes and provides useful information on some choices that can allow you to save money on the total cost of a funeral event, with particular reference to the purchase of the funeral items to be used for the decoration of the tombstone.
    The choice of flowers and plants for tombstones and tombs
    This article provides useful advice in choosing flowers and plants to put on gravestones, to people who periodically go to the cemetery to bring a floral tribute to their dead. These are the most frequently asked questions to make a wise choice: which type of flowers lasts the longest? Is it more appropriate to choose local flowers or foreign flowers? And again, is it preferable to place fresh or artificial flowers in flower vases, or to choose floral decorations in bronze or porcelain?
    Maintenance and cleaning of gravestones and funerary accessories
    The celebrations of the All Saints' Day and the celebration of the Deads day represent the right occasion for the maintenance and cleaning of tombstones and funerary accessories, such as the replacement of damaged or worn inner vases of flower vases and glass flames of lamps votive.
    The choice of accessories for the noble chapel
    Guidelines for choosing funerary accessories to furnish a noble chapel. The noble chapels, or family chapels, are places of worship that house the dead of the same family. Designed on request and with attention to every detail, the funerary chapels, or funerary kiosks, can be considered small churches of great symbolic and architectural value.
    Sacred statues for churches, monuments, gravestones and cemetery chapels
    The Sacred Statues are widely used to furnish places of worship, such as churches, monuments, tombstones and cemetery chapels. These are real art works that can be realized in various materials including bronze, marble dust or porcelain.
    Chandeliers for cemetery chapels
    The bronze and steel chandeliers for the decoration of cemetery churches and chapels are funeral accessories that in recent years are increasingly sought after and purchased by our customers.
    Commemorative gravestones proposals by Real Votiva
    This post describes how to design and realize a commemorative gravestone using an illustrative catalog with over 50 proposals drawn up and made available to customers by Real Votiva, an Italian company leader in the funeral art sector.