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Photo frames for gravestones

Photo frames for gravestones and tombs

Frames, photo-holders and decorative portraits for gravestones

One of the main elements of an headstone is the portrait picture frame that makes it precious the image of the dear departed. Real Votiva produces headstone picture frames in bronze, created with the technique of die casting or lost wax, porcelain, offering a wide range of colors in marble or hand-decorated, and stainless steel.

The photo-frames can be oval or rectangular and are produced in various size, including the most widely used 9x12 cm and 11x15 cm. Typically, they are fixed through two pins on the back directly to the surface of the tombstones but there are also different models applicable to the ground, ideal for cemetery monuments or graves horizontal.

The frames have standard formats perfectly adaptable to the photos in porcelain which can be produced on demand. The internal dimensions of the frame are corrisponding to those of the photo-ceramics therefore the overall dimensions of the frame are always greater than the dimensions displayed in the catalog.