How to save money when buying a headstone

Saturday, May 28, 2016

A funeral involves a number of quite important expenses (funeral home, cemetery expenses, headstone realization, casket etc.); if you want to save money the best thing to do is not to get caught by the rush postponing some activities not related to urgent expenses; among them it is surely the realization of the headstone which can be prepared quietly, possibly using in the meantime a replacement headstone in cheap material.

You can save money through the direct purchase of the equipment needed for the composition of the headstone, for example, flower vase, votive lamp, porcelain photo and photo frame, bronze letters for the epigraph composition.

For the purchase of the marble you need to contact a marble company but all the accessories to apply on the headstone can be purchased directly from a specialist provider, such as Real Votiva, a Funerary Art Foundry, specialized in the production and sale of funerary items and accessories through its online store Real Votive Store (

Which products you can buy

Through Real Votiva Store online shop you can buy letters and numbers, for the composition of inscriptions on tombstones and monuments, vases and flower-tubs, frames for porcelain photo, electric and candle lamps, plaques, parchments, with default or customized engraved dedications, brackets and studs, to support and fix the marble tombstones, chandelier, candlesticks, crystals, crosses, crucifixes, bronze statues, floral decorations, for the ornament of the cemetery chapels, funerary urns, for the conservation of ashes after cremation.

Not just products but also services

The services offered by Real Votiva Store include:

  • personalized engravings on parchments or bronze books;
  • realization of photo on porcelain;
  • preparation of customized drilling guides for the application of bronze characters.

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How to save money in the construction of a headstone

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