Solar panel votive candle

Mini white candle, flame effect led, with rechargeable batteries via solar panel.

Item n.: T.16.LUMSOL
€154.09 excl tax


ABS plastic candle

Height: 11 cm

Diameter: 2,6 cm

Flame color: RED

Contains 2 flickering red LEDs (flame effect): 1 LED works 24 hours a day while the second only from when the sun rises until sunset.

Equipped with 2 rechargeable mini batteries and a 6 x 8 cm solar panel

Accessorized with a rectangular 8 x 10 cm frame in polished bronze for the application of the solar panel on marble.

Battery autonomy in the absence of panel power: 15 days

Cable length: 1 meter

All tin soldered without switch to avoid oxidation.



The mini candle light must be connected with the click terminal respecting the polarity, red wire with red wire, black wire with black wire, if the polarity is wrong, the light stops after about 15 days.

If the light remains in the package in the dark, to restart it, just expose it 10 seconds to a light source and it will start working.

In the kit you will find a transparent plastic ring necessary for locking the mini candle inside the votive lamp used: the ring must be applied to the base of the glass flame of the votive lamp. Once the plastic ring has been inserted at the base of the glass flame, insert the mini candle inside the glass flame until the fake wax has passed the upper part of the ring so that it no longer goes down.

The solar panel should not be shaded by flowers, plants or anything else, possibly it should be mounted where there is more light. It can be attached with neutral silicone if used without votive lamps.

The kit also includes a 6x8 cm rectangular bronze frame for the solar panel application on marble. It is possible to request other finishes / colors of the frame (contact us for information).

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