Technical sheet - Support brackets for headstones

General features

The bronze brackets are used to support flat marble or granite gravestone.

The "Compact Bracket" model is characterized by adjustable lugs variable from 0.8 to 2 cm, depending on the bracket size.

Bronze brackets are available in different sizes and colours, such as simple material like bronze, glitter / glitter light bronze, black or white ceramismalt, chromium, mercury, marble colours like Carrara, Botticino, Guatemala green or Marquinia black.

These products are covered with a special coating that ensures weatherproof and are very useful especially for outdoors planted graves.

The supply of the brackets includes the stainless steel threaded pins for fixing.


Brackets sizes

Compact Brackets are available in various sizes. The typical bracket sizes indicated in detail in the catalogue are the height of the main body (H1), also reported in the item code, and the total height of the bracket (H2) including the lugs. Depending on bracket size, the diameter (M) of the central fixing threaded pin (to be screwed in the back) can vary from 6 mm to 10 mm.  

For example, the compact bracket with item code “P.10.2820/8 cm 8x16 M10” has the following measures: height of the main body H1 = 8 cm, total height including lugs H2 =16 cm, pivot diameter 10 mm (M10). The height of the main body is also reported in item code after the slash (“P.10.2820/8”). 

Misure staffe


Technical specifications

The compact bracket is available in the following sizes:

  • cm 6 x 14, M8 or M10 (body height 6 cm, short lugs)
  • cm 6 x 18, M8 (body height 6 cm, long lugs)
  • cm 8 x 16, M8 or M10 (body height 8 cm, short lugs)
  • cm 8 x 19, M8 (body height 8 cm, long lugs)

Also available are half brackets to be used for the first and last of a vertical series of flat headstones. Half brackets are available in the following sizes:

  • cm 4,5 x 8, M8 or M10 (body height 4,5 cm, short lugs)
  • cm 4,5 x 10, M8 (body height 6 cm, long lugs)

Smaller brackets are available for ossuaries in the following sizes:

  • cm 3,5 x 7,5 M8 (entire)
  • cm 2,5 x 4,5 M8 (half)

The following figure shows the common measures for all brackets sizes (except for ossuaries brackets and 0 thick brackets).

Quote staffe per lapidi

L1 = 2,5 cm         L2= 5 cm              P = 3 cm               S = 0,8 ¸2 cm                   M = 8 o 10 mm



How to mount the brackets

For mounting the brackets it is used a threaded steel pin which, on one hand, is screwed into the back of the bracket (see figure), and, on the other, is attached to the wall by means of an expansion bolt.

Once fastened the brackets, loosen the lugs using the nuts and place the tombstones on the top edge of the body of each bracket; lower brackets are load-bearing while the upper ones are blocking the headstone through the lugs.

Staffa - vista posteriore

In the following figure is outlined as an example the section of a mounted bracket (cm 8 x 16).


Staffa - sezione

The vertical distance between a flat grave and the other is determined by the height of the central body of the bracket (H1).


The following picture shows the final result of mounting a series of flat graves supported by bronze compact brackets.


esempio montaggio staffe

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