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    Votive lights with solar panel

    Even within cemeteries, attention to the green economy is growing. Both through the purchase of votive solar panel lights by the owners of the single niches, and through the installation of entire photo-voltaic panel systems on the terraces of the cemetery chapels.

    This confirms the orientation of both people and cemetery administrations towards eco-sustainable solutions, using innovative funeral accessories with low environmental impact.

    Solar panel votive candles are an excellent alternative to traditional electric bulbs. They allow a fair energy saving and allow the owners of the niches to become autonomous from the energy point of view.

    Votive light with solar panel

    Lumino a pannello solare

    Moreover, the LED votive lights, compared to the traditional ones, connected to the electrical system, have a low consumption, a higher efficiency, do not need any maintenance or regulation, nor installation costs.

    In addition, they are an excellent solution in cemeteries where there is no electricity.

    The direct power supply from the photo-voltaic panel eliminates the cost related to the lighting of the LED votive lamp, as it is equipped with a battery that recharges during the day, through the solar cells, and allows the light to continue its function even at night.

    Votive lamp with solar panel light

    Votive lamp with solar panel light

    To install the solar light just insert it inside the votive lamp instead of the traditional electric bulb.

    The diffusion of solar cell lights indirectly contributes to the rational and sustainable management of electricity inside the cemeteries, reducing general energy consumption.

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